Website Desgin

Web Page Design

An up-to-date website promotes a positive image. An active, current site suggests an active, current business or agency.

We can help you provide a professional-looking site.

We keep it simple

We use type fonts that are professional looking

We choose the graphics carefully and sparingly.

We focus on effective communication.

We can also make it pop!

All can be utilized to create a dynamic Web Page!



A big part in any customer retenion program. Up to date articles based on your industry and business. Photos and clip art make it easy to view along with flow and content. Your business is promoted in a way that lets your customers know that you still have them in mind, their intrests and their conserns.

Special recipies and season articles keep it current and customers stay tuned until the next newsletter.


Computer Repair/Service

Computers and software are not hard to understand once you have the knowledge and confidence that I provide through my help. In plain English and using examples helps you tackle any issue you may have. The best part it's only a phone call or click away.

Software Issues

Most programs are switched out or upgraded when only used 10 -15% of it's original intent. Consumers are lead to believe that a new one will do better, be faster and solve all their problems. I say... Yeah Right!

How about using 85 to 90% of the software you paid big bucks for. Or better yet get an evaluation before you buy.

Someone to walk you through the pros and cons on why, what and how YOU intend to use it!

Someone who will work for you ...not the software company or retail store.

The same thing applies to the hardware. Imagine buying a computer that actually does what you what it to do. The system will be faster, take less upgrades and will out perform anything on the shelf of the retail or Internet store.

Home business, personal use or entire companies nothing too big or small we are that Someone!

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